Where has the time gone?

It’s hard to think that it’s the end of the month already.  I know it’s been too long since I’ve written, but the past weeks have blended together in a mix of dotted yellow lines and killing time.  With an old cell and no service I found myself parked outside an internet cafe to use the internet network just to stay up to date with family and I’ve really sucked at that.

We decided last minute to take the girls home to go get Daddy who had been staying at the old house, empty of all our personal effects except our puppies. So we drove home, just the four of us girls.  They were getting used to travelling by then so the trip was pretty uneventful. We got in to town at a decent time.  Turns out it’s 5 hours 35 minutes of driving and 1 hour and 25 minutes of stopping.  7 hours – if only we could knock out a few stops, like the poop stop that was only 14 minutes behind the pee stop.

Home again, home again.  except it’s not home anymore.  I had to tour the girls through the house reminding them that their prized possessions had been packed on that big truck and were being stored safely.  Someone else was going to live here and we were going to a new house – except not for two more weeks.  Dear little 2yr old was traumatized when she couldn’t find her bed.  Poor girl.

We pack a second UHaul trailer.  I decided it would be a good idea to take the animals to get their shots updated.  All three animals.  That’s two dogs and a cat to the vet all at one time.  That wasn’t crazy at all.  Our temperamental dog let the vet know that he would really prefer not to have her stick a thermometer in his ear.  Meanwhile, the pleaser dog learned that if he did anything the vet asked (and some things that weren’t asked) he would get a cookie, so he was well behaved.  But we managed to piss of the cat enough that she was ready to draw a grid of blood down whoever came near her next.

After that fiasco, I head down to Aunty’s at the end of the weekend to get the girls who got to have a fabulous sleepover (baby 8 month old’s first) with Aunty and Grandma.  Dear hubby stays back in the city finishing up the errands – you know, returning water bottles, dropping off cable equipment.  That short to-do list took the better part of the day and it wasn’t until around 5:00 when we were both ready to go, me from southern Saskatchewan and him from our home base about an hour away. We strategized how far we could make it.  We were quite the team.  His night vision got really bad after his eye surgery so he doesn’t ever drive at night and it was already 6:00p Manitoba time.  This should be interesting.  Should we stay?  Keep dear daughter out of school for the third day?  But 5:00 is so early, we could get so far.  Well let’s just start driving, then we’ll figure it out.

For those of you who have had any part of this process, thank you for your patience.  The whole move has been much of a whim – other than the actual decision to do it.  But a move of this magnitude, we probably should have sat down and planned the details, like by the time you take a 26′ Uhaul, come back and get a Cargo trailer and rip the rear end out of your van, you probably should have paid the movers to do it. Cheap skates.  (not to mention the circus that we encountered after trip #1 which you can read about in earlier posts).  This was another one of those whims.  Let’s just drive.

So I head out through the southern part of Saskatchewan and he takes the #1.  My drive, again, is pretty uneventful – oh other than for one little detail.  If you are familiar with a Chev Aveo.  It’s smaller than a Suzuki Swift, but larger than a Smart Car- but not by much.  Well, we were driving the Aveo.  Three car seats across the back seat.  So every time that the oldest got in and out it was a knuckle scraping challenge to get her buckled back up.  And because the middle seat belts runs from the side of the car to loop down the middle it only takes her reaching for a dropped toy for it to run into childseat lock and pin her against the seat.  The first time it pinned her in she burst in to tears, terrified of being tied up.  Of course we weren’t driving on a major highway with paved shoulders or even white lines for that matter, so there she sat, seatbelt tight across her chest until I could find a place to pull over, reach over the baby’s car seat, ram my hand down the back of the seat, unbuckle and then re-buckle her up.  I warned her that the next time she locked herself up I wasn’t stopping.  So the next time she locked herself up, she pretended she liked it until she fell asleep.  Then there were three sleeping beauties.  I could do this all night, right?

I was checking in with the hubby on a regular basis.  He was tired and it was going to be pretty dark soon.  I was driving along a very lonely highway on a night with no moon and no traffic.  It was eery and every back woods, country horror film scene was running through my mind.  At one point, I convinced myself that there was actually someone following me with their lights off.  I decided I wanted to be on the #1 highway and took the next main route north.

The next time I checked in with the hubby he was petering out near a friends house.  He figured we could pull in for the night.  But the UHaul didn’t have a lock on it and we didn’t want to pull it down the back roads if we didn’t have to.  The Local coop saves the day, lending us both a lock and a parking space.  So I pick up my dear hubby at the gas staion and load him in to the car.  In case you can’t see this.  One black 4 door aveo.  Doors so small that the car seats actually take up the entire width of the door forcing the children to climb through the car seats to get out, not around them.  Three car seats across the back seat, one backward facing and one booster.  I don’t travel light when I travel with three children.  There is 2 massive bags in the hatch filling it completely.  Then there’s a diaper bag, 2 grocery bags of snacks and random stuff, a back pack and all my electronics.  Then my hubby crawls in to the front seat which was previously occupied by the diaper bag and backpack.  Those bags get put in his lap.  And in order for the rear-facing seat to fit, the passenger seat has to be pushed up close to the dash.  Well needless to say, it was an epic circus moment with the 5 clowns shoved in to the car.  Onward to our friends to sleep.

The next morning, up we get, all packed up and off we go.  Nothing unusual, nothing to report.  Just a simple 5 hour drive back to our new province.

And that was the final chapter of Saskatchewan.  All of our stuff was officially moved, the last thing packed in the in-laws van as the trekked across the prairies, including our 2 puppies and our still extremely pissed off cat.

So it sits, in a cousin’s workshop, an in-laws trailer and 3 storage bins at UHaul – our life. Waiting for a home.  And the time is flying by.