Things that Will (And Won’t) Be Missed when the Family leaves

I thought it would be kind of fun to put together a list of things for future reference.  I have heard about situations where a person lived with their mother/aunt/cousins/friends for a month or so and always thought – how can you do that?  That must have been such a pain…  then I moved my entire family of 5 into our cousins house and they took us in under their wings.  With only 2 more nights to go, it’s actually flown by and hasn’t been all that bad- for us anyways.  But I’m sure there were some downfalls of having a family of five stay in your house.  The good and the bad – these are the things I could come up with.

By the way, for those of you who didn’t make the connection, this is the same family that we brought the hand foot and mouth too and the week of puking.  And yes, they still had us back.  I won’t ever be able to verbalize my gratitude and admiration for this family.  Their generosity really does make you want to pay it forward.  So here’s the lists.

Things we’ll Miss when we move out:

1. Whiskey sours
2. Night caps beginning at 5 and ending at 11
3. Watching the kids get excited to see each other even though they just saw each other the night before
4. Hugs
5. Always having someone to visit with
6. Having help parent

Things that they likely won’t miss when we move out:

1. at least 7 sippy cups full of souring milk strewn about (and hidden in cupboards)
2. 6:45am
3. the never ending cold
4. having important belongings grow legs and disappear
5. the noise
6. the laundry
7. needing to keep at least 12 litres of milk on hand
8. the punching/pushing/yelling/tormenting
9. puffs all over
10. 7:00am coffee grinding
11. clothes everywhere
12. did I mention milk?
13. the surprises left in the toilet that mysteriously started appearing when we moved in
14. the Skuter cruising through the kitchen
15. violin practice
16. musical vehicles in the garage
17. the trailers/stuff everywhere

I’m sure there’s more on that list, but that’s what I got as I sit here and think about how grating it can be to have one person invade your space for any length of time, let alone 5.  We can’t wait to have them invade us at our new house.