All Alone on the Farm

So my family left me for a little mini holiday while our sitter was away.  Everyone. Left.  The husband, the children, even the dogs.  So here I am on 80 acres, just me and the cats.  Yep – I’m that lady.  I had to laugh at myself as I loaded the kitten in to my car and drove in to town with her.  That’s right – I brought the cat to get the mail with me.  What’s wrong with that?  Yeah. I know.

It’s a double edge sword, this being alone.  I feel anxious with all the things that I could do with this time when I’ll have no interruptions, no distractions.  So many things – I’ve got to use this time well, I need to make sure I don’t waste it away – so anxious, I need to make sure I spend this time relaxing… I feel so anxious about needing to relax.   But in reality, I do get distracted.  I get interrupted by the lack of the interruptions.  Isn’t that something?  You can’t win I suppose.

I’ve definitely got more time to think that I need.  LOL.  I’ve signed up for a webinar, I’ve downloaded some free courses from Yale.  I’ve spent time watching inspiring videos on YouTube.  Did some quadding, lost some arrows in my target practice.  The pivotal moment was probable sitting on my deck, wrapped in my Snuggi with a purring kitten on my lap, glass of wine in one hand and Shades of Grey in the other.  I watched the sun come down.  I’ll play some guitar tonight and get packed to join my family.

I think everyone should take an evening and hear the quiet, curl up with a cat and a book, eat nothing but balogna sandwiches for 3 days…  but maybe get back to your family before you go for a drive with your kitten.  :)

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  Or perhaps I just really, really want to see my husband due to a little Shades of crazy Influence.